Our commitment to support the Defense industry with reliable tactical and operational equipment and provide operators with advanced military grade products maintains a priority.


Our expertise in supplying Special Operation Forces with specialised equipment is partly enabled by our team in Veroza Group which comprises of former Special Forces operators, with a vast experience in deployments, combined with knowledge ranging from combat missions to peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions. 


The often harsh environment soldiers, medics and general staff and personal operate under requires tailored equipment at times, and necessitates differentiated equipment and the need to identify the correct items for missions specific challenges is crucial.

We assist our clients and customers in identifying which configurations and specifications they require for the specific challenges they face.

Our ability to source equipment through our joint partnerships globally allows us to offer standard equipment and more specialised items. Furthermore we recognise the time sensitive nature of deliverance of certain items and make use our extensive shipping and logistic network to ensure timely and rapid delivery of products.

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