Veroza Group was founded with the vision of helping our customers in the Defense, Aerospace and Governmental industry achieve their objectives and goals, and guide them in the various markets in order to help them getting a better advantage in their specific sector.

We assist on purchase orders between governments, DOD (departments of defense) and our general customers and listed suppliers.


Furthermore we facilitate complete transactions and manage the process of sourcing items and products, and arrange logistics solutions with complete oversight of the value chain.

we deliver integrated solutions to solve the challenges faced by defense, internal security and peacekeeping forces and offer a wide array of solutions and services for the aerospace industry and governmental sector.

Aside from assisting Governments, Departments of Defense (DOD) and sovereign nations with a wide array of services and equipment, we continuously make it a priority to aid Nato and The United Nations in their peacekeeping missions and efforts to advocate for stability and peace globally.

Our team of professionals comprise of former Special Forces operators, aviation and shipping professionals, Intelligence operators, and engineers combined with a team of consultants.

The wide array of professionals enables us to solve diverse and complex tasks and provide us with the necessary insight to assist our clients in the best way possible.  

Veroza Group have undergone financial and operational auditing to ensure the companies eligibility to engage into national and international defence contracts and holds membership with FAD (Danish Defence and Security Industries Association).

Ethical conduct is a priority of our business and we commit to corporate integrity and compliance throughout all levels of the company. 

Our employees are responsible for reviewing and recommending policies and procedures that maintain a business environment committed to high standards of ethics, integrity, sustainability, and legal compliance.

Ethical conduct and integrity carried on from the corporate offices to the field and is a prerequisite for all of our employees and partners. 

Veroza Group is a member of FAD & DI and a registered supplier to NATO

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