Our involvement with foreign governments allows us to keep a diverse portfolio of military hardware.

By co-operating with large and professional suppliers, we ensure timely delivery, and collect all the necessary data to customise each deliverance to the need of the institution or government that we engage.

We assist on purchase orders between governments or DOD (departments of defence) and listed suppliers.

Furthermore we facilitate complete transactions and manage the process of sourcing an item or a products, and arrange logistics solutions with one of our many partner companies.


Recent years, we have seen an increase in deliverance of heavy and bulky equipment by air, which has led us to partner with companies like Volga-Dnepr, which has the ability to lift some of the largest and heaviest air cargo loads due to their use of the Antonov airplanes. 

In 2017, we started assisting foreign governments in their effort to modernize their defence capabilities.

We have lead strategical purchasing strategies as well as logistical aid to various international partners and been in the forefront of negotiations and deal making decisions on behalf of these partners as well, as we see the vast potential.

Our activities are largely based in Europe and The Americas, as we recognize the need for viable and durable military equipment.

By directing our focus towards Europe, and the European market for supply and deliverance, we see an increasing demand for flexibility and alternative products of high quality.

At Veroza Group, we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do, which involves sourcing of products and items from around the world.


Our approach to each individual task and organisational demand is analysed and evaluated by experienced industry professionals with an extensive knowledge of each individual sector and a vast array of experience from different department of the defence industry.  

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